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Far too many times have I seen posts and comics that have a similar subject but end with “lol quitting art 4ever” when they see a good artist who is younger than themselves. When in reality it only means that you can learn from this person!


i hope aliens aren’t sad. i hope they’re okay


Which Long-Awaited Game Would You Wish For?

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rule #1: the legs belong to megs


Along with the Pikachu Oops! spin-off, Pokemon Center exclusive ORAS starters and legendaries (Groudon and Kyogre) plush, and ORAS starters 1:1 size plush release, the ORAS games, and the limited edition New 3DS with special Groudon/Kyogre plates officially went on pre-order today.

The Center opened up at 8:45 am (official opening time is 10 am!) When I entered at 8:45, it was fairly empty, but by the time 10 am came around, it was jam packed full of people. Also, for reasons I will never understand, the queue for simply pre-ordering the games was the same queue for the people pre-ordering the 3DS systems, which meant the line was horrendously long (roughly 3 plus hours).

More pictures coming soon!



I’ve got a friend and they mean a lot to me.

This one got my right in my feels box.






Rumour has it that this little scene was actually an animation mistake that was kept in because it looked so cool toothless was meant to have his eyes closed throughout the scene.

from the commentary:

"There’s a scene that went by, and I wish we had talked about it as it was happening. But it represents one of those happy accidents that actually does happen once in a while in animation. And it’s a scene where we’re panning from left, or from right to left. We’re moving the camera left. We’re moving up Toothless’s body and there’s a moment where Toothless’s wing is in the foreground and it masks his eye. And the shot had been, I think, originally shown to us with, you know, we pan up the dragon because we’re going to land. The camera’s gonna finish moving on his eye. And we had seen it several times and it worked swell. But then we saw it one time in some other review in the theatre, and it was a mistake that had been made, that had not been corrected. But it was a shot where, as you pan past the dragon’s eye, his eye is closed. And as that wing crosses in front of his eye, it goes to an open eye. It was just one of those ghostly, kind of weird effects that you couldn’t have planned in, one of those things that kind of happened. And we both saw that and loved it and said, ‘Oh, my gosh, you know, go back and make it be like that.’"

by Mimi N



Good Hater…I want to draw his design well. but the design becomes tacky by all means…

You kidding? I LOVE your GOOD!Hater design! One of my favorites, and works really well with how obsessive he is over Wander and his goals!


favourite character meme: 1/2 emotions ★ annoyed

"Princess Mi Amore Cadenza? Who in the hoof is that?!”

I hope you can take a moment out of your day to recognize this girl is killing it.

Really can’t believe I began collecting this bunch of WITCH comics since before entering Jr. High D8

Hey, Vero! Look what this reminded me of!