Non dubium est caritas

30 Day Character Challenge

Day 1 - A character from your current favorite fandom 1/2

Pitch Black, Rise of the Guardians

This character just astounds me, not because he is very attractive (oh my god 0///3///0), but also the lore and backstory he has, from both the books and the movie.

He is, in fact, a tragic character. Yes, he is a villain, but we can’t deny that we do feel sorry for him. Just like Jack, he wanted nothing more than to be believed in, to not be just a bad dream. If we go with his backstory in the books, he is even more tragic. There are subtle hints of this in the movie but only if you look hard enough, since this is a sort of loose adaptation from the books.

In the film he is charismatic, but he is a force to be reckoned with if you underestimate him. He will seduce you into going to his side without knowing if he will stab you in the back if you become a potential threat. But he does show weakness, the one time he opens up to someone and ends up being rejected, he is indeed hurt by this, which led him to not let anyone get in his way, be it a potential ally or foe.

Now let me release my inner fangirl, he is damn sexy, his voice is spectacular (be it Jude Sexy Law or his latino spanish voice actor), not to mention his dance move are just hilarious and fun to watch.

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